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Examples of customer assignments carried out:


pil Growth and streamlining of business via reaching-through-the-noise digital marketing

The mission was to get the company out of its stagnation and economic concerns, to instead grow and significantly increase its profitability.
Assignment: From setting the scope and strategy, to solution design and implementation.

Step 1) Business model reviewed - Can we work in a more digital and smart way? So that we increase both the internal and external efficiency. New market conditions give us new opportunities that we can use to grow quickly and substantially.

Step 2) Smart out/sourcing, where we focus on doing the right things (the core business), and with the help of expertise in other areas we will perform even better.

Step 3) Reaching-through-noise marketing! ...SEO, SEM, SMM, Google Adwords, Digital Advertising, Content Marketing etc.

Step 4) Actively working with business development in all available ways:
Making cold-calls, follow-up of leads, arranging customer seminars and inspirational workshops, searching for + contacting new dealers, training resellers and external stakeholders, attending trade shows and events, etc.

pil Digital transformations

Managed business transformation programs, with the purpose of getting companies to act smarter in a surrounding with new challenges and possibilities.

Always ensuring a holistic approach when reviewing the company's business model - using new digital techniques as a driving force, but placing the customers behaviors in the center of the business model. We’re reviewing both the front- and back end processes to suit the customers in a smarter way in order to provide a better user experience, and then implementing the digital solutions and opportunities that are most efficient.

The result:
Increased customer satisfaction, and many new customers gained!


pil Business development, both the development of existing customers and gaining new ones

The client wanted to enter new business areas and gain new customers.

A number of customers and business areas were identified. The areas were analysed thoroughly by listing them based on quantity and deadline. Thereafter, TenElva Consulting processed these customers and groups. Some companies were new to the client (a medium-sized Swedish company), and other companies were already customers of theirs, but the client wanted to do business with them at a higher level (CXO level) at these established customers.

Business development ensued, from the first contacts where the first meetings were booked, by identifying business opportunities and processing quotations in order to consolidate and drive home business with associated service delivery.

pil To set the scope on global investment

A large international company was to carry out a concerted investment that applied to the entire organisation. The assignment was to develop guidelines for the investment, drive and lead the work, as well as ensure that persons in senior position in all affected areas "were on board".

In one quarter, we went from "a draft" to "mission completed".


The key to success? A smart layout with a cost-effective concept, communications and a number of workshops where we covered the "highs and lows" thoroughly in order to realise a consensus and results.

pil Start of new companies. Start of a Swedish company's subsidiary abroad

The mission: A medium-sized Swedish company wanted to enter the US market.

The task was to implement this - everything from to finding local customers to employing local staff.


Start of new company.


In the TenElva group, TenElva Travel Goods is also included, which was started by me, Victoria Åkerblom, in 2006. TenElva Travel Goods is a company that develops and sells designed travel products (see www.tenelva.com) to private individuals via a web shop and retail resellers. It is a company I built up from "scratch".


These are two examples of assignments within Business Development where the assignment started at a very early stage of the life-cycle of the business.


pil Training and coaching of a management team in order for them to get a more clear goal focus

Worked with a management team with a handful of persons over a period of time in order to, with the help of various tools, increase the goal focus mentality of the individuals so that they could increase their productivity and therefore contribute to a higher overall profitability for the company.

We worked across a broad spectrum, at both the strategic goal-level as well as via a hands-on, practical approach.

A "fun, rewarding and profitable" journey this was.

pil Develop strategies for out/sourcing

What should be outsourced and why? It has been the main issue for a number of assignments.

Often it starts with gaining a consensus in the management team around what, on a more concrete level, is the core business and non-core business. It can be a sensitive process. That is why we work together to go through the role of the business in the future and how the company can best respond to the challenges of the future quickly and effectively, whilst being globally and locally competitive.

Based on the consensus, we then work jointly towards developing the company's outsourcing strategy. TenElva Consulting leads and drives the work forward, and maximises on its senses in order to provide the management team with a broadened view and better input when it comes to adapting the company to the future and goals.


pil Managing the out/sourcing of products and services

Once a strategy is in place for what is to be outsourced of the business, it also needs to be implemented. In other words, outsourcing of products and services is to be managed (led and driven towards results).

The assignments have involved parts or the entire chain of outsourcing, from finding the appropriate party which can carry out the task (manufacture the product/ delivery of the services), to ensuring that the administrative routines between the company and the external party function smoothly.


pil Project management of IT projects

Many business development projects are based on a system being purchased or developed with internal/external resources in order to increase the company's competitiveness. 


TenElva Consulting leads and runs these IT and/or development projects towards their goals through set Time-Cost-Quality frameworks.


We ensure results delivered, as well as a pleasant and educational “journey” for those involved whilst reaching the set objectives.


pil Lead compliance projects

The assignment was to ensure that a project was seen through to completion whilst complying with a regulation. The challenge of the assignment was to balance benefits against costs, in other words, to ensure that costs did not soar out of control without realising compliance with the regulation as effectively as possible without large costs for the business in various countries across the globe.

pil Turnaround-assignments to turn the business around and thus develop and grow

A company which, for many years, had a particular customer category and business niche, yet which acutely needed to revamp itself and work with other areas and customer categories when the market quickly shrank during a jittery autumn. We set the goal, built a new corporate structure and invested heavily on business development in order to gain more market areas and counter-cyclical categories in Sweden. Even the local market was worked on intensively to realise a good base for future market uncertainties, where knowledge about the company's existence would enjoy ‘top-of-mind’ resonance with locally-based large and small operators.

Within the framework of the Turnaround assignment, a thorough analysis was carried out involving everything within the company with the aim to optimise and streamline for the future. Areas we also changed/ improved were, for example:

Packaging of the client's offerings.

Modernisation of the external/market profile.

Outsourcing of selected parts of the business.

Development of strategic networks.

Joint venture cooperation.

Results delivered and a very satisfied customer that also had a pleasant and educational business transformation “journey” whilst reaching the results.

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Customer references:
Antso, Boomerang Solutions, ContageLänsförsäkringar, SigmaVolvo, Västra Götalandsregionen

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