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Running a business means ongoing meetings with questions about how the company's future will look. The business must be adapted and optimised in order to adapt to changed circumstances, and many businesses also have a strong desire to grow in terms of profit margins and turnover. With TenElva Consulting's experienced business developer Victoria Åkerblom, you gain help with growth & digital transformations, streamlining, out/sourcing, business development and internationalisation.


It is your wishes which form the assignment, regardless of whether it is a specific part that you would like us to focus on, or if you want to achieve a complete business transformation.
For the past decade, I have helped small and large companies and organisations to grow, perform better and become more profitable. This has resulted in very satisfied and more viable customers.


TenElva Consulting helps customers with operational and business development.

Focus lies on:

  Transforming a small company with marginal profitability into a larger company with high profitability

Growth is something many companies strive for - to grow and become larger with a high level of profitability and global presence!


A central part of business development is to initiate growth, both nationally and internationally.

When it comes to Growth, together we carry out an analysis of specific needs regarding change processes and specified targets to reach within a set deadline, after which the focus lies in launching and promoting the work that needs to be done.

   Structure and create processes/routines to make as much as possible become "automatic"

Most parts in a business can function better.

Sometimes, it is extremely important that well-known processes and routines exist so that internal and external work runs smoothly. This is so that the company is able to continue to earn money/survive.

Sometimes, lacking efficiency is “just” quite irritating for all involved.

In an assignment to streamline an organisation, we set the goal to focus on and then structure the business and create processes and routines to make sure that as much as possible flows in a logical and smooth manner - and all towards the goal of seeing the business run "automatically" in how a product or service is developed and delivered.


Within the frameworks for streamlining assignments, this includes both corporate governance (like being active in the board of directors) and assignments of a more "hands-on" nature where the role is that of a streamlining consultant.

   Identify the essence of the company to harness the greatest reward and manage outsourcing of the other business parts

The first step is to gain a consensus in the management team about what the core business is.

Then it involves leading and driving the work to outsource the other agreed upon areas to an external party. It can also involve managing the replacement of an external party who manages certain areas that are not considered as core business areas.

   From initiating the first contact to "bringing home the business"

Increased sales with profitable margins – this is something which is high on the wish lists of many companies.


Increased sales when it comes to smart agreements is the most secure investment that can be made in order for a business to grow or expand into new, desirable markets.

   Start and establish the business abroad

After some years on the domestic market, many companies experience the fact that they have "grown out of" the domestic market and want to add new overseas markets to their customer base.

TenElva Consulting's role in globalisation work is to first realise a consensus within the senior management team about what they want to achieve and why they want to achieve it through their international expansion. Appropriate markets are thereafter analysed, and one or several are selected. We lead and run the work to build up a customer base on the selected international market(s) and help with local set-up (e.g. in the form of a franchise chain, local reseller or similar).


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