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With extensive experience from a wide variety of industries, as well as via local and global challenges tackled and met, I easily recognise and identify what needs to be done. Then I do it. I am quick to put words into action. Also, I see to it that you experience concrete results! The business becomes both bigger and better. Furthermore, I ensure that the journey involving change is both rewarding and fun for all those involved.
"Fun, rewarding and profitable" - this is the goal and the journey towards it.

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Work and price models:

pil S (Small):
  Analyzing, and forming action plans

During some sessions we analyze your business/ ideas in order to form or transform/adapt your ideas of your business-to-be, or your existing business that needs to adapt to changed circumstances to function better/ survive.
Result: An action map, based on goals set, SWOT-analysis and budget calculations, for you to implement.
Price: Sessions charged per hour.

pil M (Medium):
   Packaging and Implementation

We are packaging your business model and change what needs to be transformed in order for your business to work the best way to secure growth and profit development. I help you with the implementation, using both “push” and “pull” methods to turn plans into actions, where we work as a team to achieve the results desired. Active implementation involvement of all parties is crucial.
Result: We reach the set goals within the set time frames. Recommended 2-3 sessions per week initially, minimum 1 session weekly needed. Normally this type of mission runs for a few months.
Price: Unit price will be calculated based on the mission scope.

pil L (Large):
   Grand expansion

I take on an executive CEO role where I’m more or less full time involved in every part, from strategy to operational issues of how to develop and run the company.
Result: A much bigger and better company, smartly built and fully adapted for present and future markets (with international presence).
The initial condition of the client company asking for a “Large” mission can be various – from urgently needing a Turn-around in order to survive, to being in a pretty good shape but wanting an external CEO to rapidly grow and reshape the company (for example because the owners want to sell the company with a big profit).
Price: Consultant fee monthly + agreed % of the profit increase and/or selling sum of the company (if selling the business is the aim).

”A small Large” – of course we’ll adapt the work models to function perfectly. For example maybe you would only like to establish and expand your business on a selected local market, and that I can help you with doing.

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